• Study in Estonia

Study in Estonia

Did you know that Estonia has become one of the most attractive study destinations for international students?

In Estonia, you can study anything from arts and humanities to business, engineering and IT - there are over 150 programmes fully taught in English.

Why would Estonia be a great study destination?

  • Our academic landscape encourages growth and discovery.
  • We offer personal touch with small group sizes in classrooms.
  • Estonian universities are at the forefront of high-level research projects.
  • You have the possibility to work during your studies.
  • And let's not forget Estonia’s untouched nature and unique cultural heritage.

Before applying to study in Estonia, please visit to get all the information about study programmes, admission processes, requirements for applicants, tuition fees and deadlines.

Study in Estonia - the country of independent minds, digital society and clean environment!


Universities in Estonia

Each year, Estonian universities welcome several thousand domestic and international students. With long academic traditions and world-renowned higher education institutions, Estonia is an attractive study destination.

Take a bird's eye view to all the Estonian higher education institutions.

And visit the university booths to learn more about what these educational institutions have to offer you.

Other universities with degree programmes only in Estonian language. All of them are interested in international cooperation and student mobility. Feel free to explore their webpages and contact them. 

What should I study?

Studying in Estonia can be an amazing experience to learn about a new culture, enhance your skills, a great opportunity to explore Europe and make new friends. Not sure what and where to start?

Check out our short University Guide test to find which university suits your interests and goals!


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